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  • Peace
    As a child, peace was always a strange subject to me. It was always an amazing concept; something to be pondered but never reached. What is peace? What is it for you? For me, it’s when all the racket in my head quiets down enough for me to feel the passage of silence. I findContinue reading “Peace”
  • Music
    Recently, I have been listening to a lot of music. Music calms my mind, making it still enough to relax. I myself am going into music someday soon. But as I listen, I remember the stories of my life that come along with each song. I remember Crushcrushcrush by Paramore being my favorite song asContinue reading “Music”
  • Death
    So, it has been a while. I apologize; things in my life have seemed to fall apart before stitching themselves back together. The pain and grief of a heart who knows loss. From January 3rd to January 5th, I was admitted to the ICU. This is not the first time this has happened, and itContinue reading “Death”
  • Better
    I’m not going to lie, this Christmas season has been incredibly difficult for me. It has been hard to find joy in anything, really. I grew up in a family of violence, especially around Christmas. Within the last few years, we didn’t celebrate at all. It didn’t matter what was going on, my mother couldContinue reading “Better”
  • Foundations
    What have you built your foundation – your beliefs on? Is it stable and steady, able to hold you through anything? Does it weigh you down? A short message I would like to give to you is that nobody in this world can know what type of foundation is right for you other than yourself.Continue reading “Foundations”
  • Limitless
    Here is your message from Spirit today. Allow it to sink into your very being, for this is an answer to a question you have been asking, a solace and confirmation while you yourself remain undecided. You are a limitless being. Always remember that. You are as limitless as all of the known shades ofContinue reading “Limitless”
  • Forgiveness
    Today, Spirit wanted me to send an important message out to my followers. So, I drew an oracle card, and here is the message: Forgiveness is essential to keeping your energy in a proper state of flow. It is crucial to know how to forgive others, but even more so to forgive yourself. We allContinue reading “Forgiveness”
  • What shocking thing will happen for you in 2022?
    Hello, everyone. I feel like I have been called to do something a little different today. I’ve decided to do a pick a card. If you are unfamiliar with pick a card, then just keep reading. A pick a card is a simple exercise where a tarot reader will offer multiple piles of cards, andContinue reading “What shocking thing will happen for you in 2022?”
  • There it was
    And there it was, the past trying to undermine the present once again. Let loose the ego, allow your flag to fly. For once you are alone, you will gaze around yourself, discovering the silhouettes of all those you hold dear. Strength in numbers. Strength in unity. Perhaps it was needed for immunity. Stand andContinue reading “There it was”
  • Secrets
    For as long as I can remember, I have kept secrets. Some silly and stupid, some very serious and even terrifying. Over the years, however, one thing has become abundantly clear to me: keeping a secret – any kind of secret – is toxic. Maybe the first few you keep won’t be that bothersome, andContinue reading “Secrets”