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  • Things I’ve learned
    As 2022 drew to a close and 2023 blossomed before me, I couldn’t help but think of all of the things I’ve learned in the last two years. So I thought I would share some, in no particular order. – sometimes you are going to have to be the villain in someone else’s life, andContinue reading “Things I’ve learned”
  • Dreams?
    Where do our dreams go when we wake? Do they fade away as something that never truly existed? Do they exist on some alternate plane of existence? Perhaps it is something we cannot understand A dimensional rift between reality and fantasy So why then Are my dreams more vivid than life? Is my mind tryingContinue reading “Dreams?”
  • Worth
    I wonder how long it will take Marvel at my strength May it only be surface deep Or may it call out to me Am I the person I believe myself to be? Or am I a fallacy Am I really strong soul deep Or am only trying to hide something within As I finallyContinue reading “Worth”
  • Rid Myself Of You
    I tried to let you go Tried to convince myself I was a fool You never loved me And I kept myself hidden in a cocoon of lies Emerging only to realize Things are far more gray than we are led to believe Even after I left Perhaps I hoped you would fade Yet hereContinue reading “Rid Myself Of You”
  • I Fear
    I fear that as these days grow longer My fragility grows stronger I fear the day when all is lost I fear losing my health Losing my place Losing myself I fear the reality of floating into a never-ending abyss Nothing to grasp onto Nothing to tether me to life Because as I fall upContinue reading “I Fear”
  • Sing To Me
    Breathe life into me My dear As the world crashes down upon us Ripping to shreds all we ever knew Didn’t we make horrible mistakes? How I wish I could go back in time Make it right again But for now As we face our end Look into my eyes Sing me that song youContinue reading “Sing To Me”
  • Human
    Frailty In our human forms We see no end to our plights And yet think ourselves invisible Yearn for another tomorrow While replaying yesterday But what can I say? We are human Unmistakably, immeasurably, and irreversibly….human
  • Moment In Time
    A moment in time So fleeting and distant How can we possibly pin meaning to these thoughts? How can we possibly try to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality? In crystalline blue waters And rich emerald life It springs anew Not because it has somewhere to go But because it just is
  • Chess
    I used to think that to heal was to retrieve and regain a piece of yourself that you had once lost. I used to think it was as simple as that; find the missing piece, and insert it where it once was. Oh, if only life could be that simple. I’ve begun to realize thatContinue reading “Chess”
  • Trauma and Terror
    I don’t like to talk about myself. Mostly because my life has been a sad one, and I don’t want anyone to be sad or stressed while around me. It’s always been a dream of mine to make people laugh and smile wherever I go. Or, at the very least, jump into a different worldContinue reading “Trauma and Terror”